2019 Atlantic Filmmaker Application

Please note that applications close on May 31, 2019. Your application will not be reviewed until after that date; so you will be able to view, print (link at bottom of page), modify or update it anytime up to that date via the link emailed to you once you submit this.

Please review the Award Criteria before submitting your application. Please keep your word count to under 350 words per answer. You may submit support material if you wish but it's not necessary.

If this includes any form of video the jurors will watch only ten minutes of your work; so, if your video is longer than ten minutes please let us know what section you would like the jurors to watch.

Please send any support material to jrgsocietyforthearts@gmail.com

If you require assistance please contact us at jrgsocietyforthearts@gmail.com

Artists who are also submitting a 2019 Atlantic Filmmaker Application may apply for both grants but can only be awarded one grant.

Are you filmmaker living in the Atlantic Provinces?      

Internet Presence

Project Title

Project Description

What is the genre of your film.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey so far as an artist.

How will this project impact you and your development as an artist?
How will it impact others? Will the project bring new perspectives and underrepresented stories to light?

Please briefly describe how your disability/disabilities have been a barrier for you as an artist.
Please briefly describe any other barriers you have experienced as an artist.

What measures will you take to ensure your project is completed should you receive this Award. This could include sending a budget as support material, letting us know if you have other funding, discussing who else is involved in your project.

Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

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