Justin Grant was one of the most accomplished camera operators in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. For twenty years he worked on the popular CBC Television Comedy series ‘This Hour Has 22 Minutes.’

In March, 2014 Justin was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and had to leave his job, as he could no longer operate large cameras.

Although Justin eventually needed a wheelchair, he did not stop living life to the fullest. Justin never thought about what he could not do; he constantly moved forward, adjusting and improvising.

Small cameras like GoPros opened up a new world for Justin. With support from his loving partner, filmmaker Rachel Bower, he was able to follow his passion: operating cameras and creating videos.

Justin passed away on July 12 / 2015. JRG Society for the Arts is dedicated to his love of his craft and to his bravery in facing his destiny.

Thank you to CTV Atlantic and Jayson Baxter for this wonderful story.