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Carly Neis

2021 JRG Theatre Artist Award Winner


Carly (she/her) is a disabled Edmonton-based actor, playwright, and arts advocate with Cerebral Palsy. A graduate of MacEwan University's Arts and Cultural Management program, Carly put her diploma to use many times over the years, specializing in fundraising and special events. Carly spent six years at the Citadel as a box office attendant and an assistant to the Artistic Director. Last year Carly was invited to be a Disability Consultant for the Citadel Theatre's production, Cost of Living. She worked on ensuring actors had all of their access needs met during their stay in Edmonton, as it was the Citadel’s first production where disability took centre stage. Carly is currently working on Tune to A - a new play co-written/created with Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks and Cameron Kneteman. It is a play for young audiences about seeing past others’ limitations to illuminate their potential. Carly has also been asked to be on a number of panel discussions centred around her advocacy work; Most recently: “Stories to Action: Co-creating Inclusive Pathways to Professional Theatre” presented by Azimuth Theatre. Carly’s most recent acting credit is Part of This World (Citadel Theatre), as part of the Horizon Lab project (co-created with Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks, directed by Patricia Cerra). 

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