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JRG Theatre Artist Award

The JRG Theatre award is for an artist or company of artists (ad hoc or incorporated.)


Up to one week of studio space at either Theatre New Brunswick in Fredericton, NB or Neptune Theatre in Halifax, NS (whichever is more convenient for the artist.)

Neptune Theatre will make space available for the award recipient through its established Open Spaces Program.


Regardless of where the residency that takes place, Theatre New Brunswick's Artistic Director will offer the award recipient twenty hours of mentorship. This is an in-kind award, with a value of approximately $3500.

• Open to Atlantic Canadian theatre artists who are living with a disability.
• Use of this award should be within a year of receiving it.
• We recommend that your application take this timetable into account.

We welcome and encourage applications from artists with disabilities who experience multiple structural barriers to resources and artistic development opportunities, i.e.  women; transgender and non-binary artists; Indigenous artists; Black artists; artists of colour; queer artists, low-income, poor, and working-class artists, etc.



• A script sample if applicable

• Any video footage (not exceeding 10 mins) or visuals to help us understand what the show looks

like (or will look like)

• An outline of the project to date that addresses where the project is in terms of its development, artists involved, any public presentations or workshops that have been done.

• Goals for this residence (what will you work on, if you have access to a studio for a week)

• How will this residency help you get your project to the next level?

Up to one week of studio space at either Neptune Theatre or Theatre New Brunswick (whichever is more convenient for the artist)

20 hours of mentorship from Theatre New Brunswick's Artistic Director Natasha MacLellan (or Theatre New Brunswick staff member, if this is more helpful, i.e. Production Manager, Head of Wardrobe, etc.)

Applications will be assessed by a small jury of disability-identified artists. Applications will be
assessed based on the following criteria:
- The application meets all eligibility requirements
- Viability: the artist has established a clear and viable work schedule/process
- Impact: the potential impact of the project for the applicant’s own artistic development,
- Impact of the project for the wider community. Does the project bring new perspectives
and underrepresented stories to light?

The recipient must acknowledge support from The JRG Society For The Arts on all materials and publications relating to the project.

While it is not necessary, acknowledging JRG Society for the Arts, Neptune Theatre and Theatre New Brunswick in social media posts helps all of us continue to do our work in the arts!


A one-page assessment will be required after the successful applicant is chosen.


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