JRG Society for the Arts

JRG Society For The Arts aims to assist artists with disabilities in preparing and presenting artwork.

JRG Society for the Arts is pleased to be partnering with The AMY Project to co-present the inaugural JRG Grant for Artists with Disabilities.

JRG Society for the Arts has a broad and encompassing understanding of the term disability, seeing it as any physical, mental or emotional state which the individual needs to overcome in order to deal with the activities of daily life.

The maximum value of grant to be awarded for 2018 is $3500, which will be distributed to one successful applicant. The winner will also be invited to receive the award at an event in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in Fall 2018, with travel expenses paid. To apply for this grant please visit www.theamyproject.com/jrg

If you would like to make a donation to the 2018 JRG Grant for Artists with Disabilities please visit The AMY Project’s Canada Helps Page.┬áThen click on “Apply your donation to a specific fund set up by this charity”, and select “JRG Grant for Artists with Disabilities”.

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