JRG Society for the Arts

JRG Society for the Arts is a registered Canadian charity devoted to making a difference in the lives of artists with disabilities.  JRG assists Deaf, Disabled and MAD artists to create beautiful art, pursue their goals and share their talent with the world.

In 2018, JRG’s inaugural year we provided a grant of $3,500 to artist Wy Joung Kou, to assist in the creation of Kou’s mosaic art, which otherwise may never have been achieved. JRG also assisted filmmaker, Alex Kronstein, to help him produce the work of his dreams, a documentary that focuses on autism.

In 2019, we gave a grant of $3,500 to emerging artist melannie gayle monoceros and another grant to filmmaker Tyler Simmonds. The filmmaker grant was made possible thanks to William F. White and Intercity Pictures.

By donating to the JRG Society for the Arts, you can help bring beautiful works of art into the light and assist those who have a disability use their artistic pursuits to soar higher and farther.

Every amount donated goes towards grants for artists with disabilities.

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